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Smart Library

You can checkout and return books with a relief without visiting the library through untact 24-hour Smart Library.
You can conveniently checkout and return by searching 300 to 600 newest books and best-sellers, and it also provides location search, search for books,
reserve checkout service through the mobile app.

Smart Library (Extended type)

  • Model Name : EZ-990SL
  • Procurement Item Identification Number : 23813367

It is a 2020-type Smart Library with a duplexing transfer device with a robot-based book transfer device design, a book gap prevention and numerous patent technology applied.

Smart Library (Regular type)

  • Model Name : EZ-9901HSL
  • Procurement Item Identification Number : 23867366

Naicom Smart Library

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Detailed Function

01. Screen Lay-out and Search Books

Detailed Function

02. Providing various convenient features

Detailed Function

03. Daily Disinfection (UV Disinfection Lamp)

UV disinfection lamp is installed on the book slot,
Making it possible to disinfect, such as a disinfection of books in use.

Detailed Function

04. Providing various exterior designs and colors

product specifications

Product Specifications

Model Name EZ-990SL
Design Size Regular version: 2,100(H) x 1,946(W) x 1,240(D) mm(±10)
Extended version: 2,100(H) x 3,004(W) x 1,240(D) mm(±10)
Material Steel
Operating Environment and Composition Card Reader RFID Reader for Book Recognition
Number of Books to load Regular version: 280 books
Extended version: 602 books
Book Transfer Robot-based Device for Shelf Transfer (Duplexing)
Book Slot 1 (Automated Door, Applied Safety Senor)
Management Frequency 13.56MHz
ISO 15693 / ISO 18000-3
Surrounding Equipment RFID Reader, Printer, Speaker, Cargo Box