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Desktop Reader/Writer for Librarians

The system supports librarians with library management, and supports RFID TAG book information input and search, loan/return task processing, and new book tagging that is linked to the data management system.

Desktop Reader/Writer for Librarians

  • Model Name : EZ-110RD
  • Procurement Item Identification Number 22779900

13.56MHz RFID System

Desktop Reader/Writer for Librarians

The slim appearance and the square sides of the product are designed so that it doesn't make ledge on the floor, and makes it convenient for placing books.
The RFID librarian pad design is the thinnest compared to other similar products.

Installation case

  • Dongguk University Central Library1

  • Dongguk University Central Library2

  • Dongguk University Central Library3

  • Dongguk University Central Library4

Appearance Size 14mm(H) X 425mm(W) X 345mm(D) (±10)
Material Aluminum/Tempered Glass
Operating Environment and Configuration Interface USB, RS-232
Reader Long Range Reader
Anti-Collision 20 +/sec
Recognition Distance Recognition Height: ~ 250 mm or less
Protocol ISO 15693, 18000-3
Frequency Band 13.56MHz
Main Components Flat Antenna, Reader
Power – DC12V