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Seat Management Kiosk

The 27-inch LCD touch monitor supports convenient use, and it enhances the convenience of users and managers with the unattended seat issuance system function through support of various input devices and issuing seat tickets.

Seat Management System

  • Model Name : EZ-1510SM
  • Procurement Item Identification Number 23355535

Seat Management System

Seat Management System

Provides web-based operation management functions such as settings tailored to library operation policies, bad user management, and usage status statistics.

Appearance Measurements 1566mm(H) x 720mm(W) x 410mm(D)(±10)
Material Steel
Color Dark Brown, White.
Operating Environment and Configuration System Intel CPU / RAM 4GB / HDD 64G or higher
User Authentication 1D/2D Bar Code Scanner, RFID Reader (optional)
Printer Thermal Transfer Method
(Paper width 59 mm, diameter 200 mm)
Prints more than 7,000 copies
Peripherals Speaker: Supports Voice Services
Treadplate: Stationary Platform